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What to Consider in a Luxury Home

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Are you thinking of moving up? This week Ben is revealing 3 things to look for when considering a luxury home, so you can make SMART real estate decisions.

1. Deferred maintenance

Not all luxury home owners keep up with maintenance. At the showing, inspect these areas and be prepared to pay the cost of restoring or replacing:

A. Hardwood flooring that is stained or needs refinishing.

B. Countertops like granite, that can chip and stain if not sealed regularly.

C. Quality appliances that were high end when installed, but are not up to current luxury standards.

2. Utility costs

Luxury home ceilings are higher, increasing the cost of heating and cooling. Ask your Realtor for winter and summer utility statements and figure this into your new budget.

3. Luxury brand repair

Luxury brand kitchen, heating and cooling appliances often require specialized repair services. Are appropriate repair technicians available in the area? Ask your Realtor.

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