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What Shows on a Showing

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

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Did you know? There are three important things to look for at a showing that will strongly indicate how well the home you're considering has been maintained. Buyers' Agents Mikhail and Jake reveal what to look for. Find out if you'll have to spend more $$ after moving in.

1. Molding and Trim

Look at the baseboards, window and door trim. If you see molding that doesn't line up, is unfinished, or has peeling or missing paint or stain, it could indicate that the previous owners neglected other maintenance. Molding and trim are an indicator of how thoroughly the owner cares for their home.

2. Furnace and Water Heater

Furnaces and water heaters usually display a sticker showing when they were installed. If there is no sticker, ask your Realtor to find out the age of these high-cost appliances. Check that the plumbing above the water heater is not corroded.

3. Floor Joists

In the unfinished portion of the basement, use a flashlight to examine everything exposed on the ceiling. Plumbing and electrical lines are normally threaded through floor joists, but if the holes cut are large, 4" in diameter for example, the floor in that area of the home is likely compromised. Beware of large chunks in floor joists.

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