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What Burglars Hope You Don't Know

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Going away for spring break? Ben and Jake detail 3 things that discourage burglars.

1. Get a Video Doorbell

Doorbell cameras with motion detection begin recording when someone approaches your door, and notify your phone so you can watch in real time. Some models include two-way communication. You'll see if a package arrives, and can ask a neighbor to pick it up for you, so there are no obvious signs that no one is at home.

2. Tell Your Neighbor

Let your neighbor know the dates you'll be gone and ask if they can keep an eye on things including picking up packages, mail, and newspapers, and alerting you if something seems suspicious. Download our Travel Form, and use it provide a list of people and their vehicles who will drop by to water plants or walk the dog, how you can be reached while away, and much more. This resource is free to our clients!

3. Install Door Chimes

Door chimes alert you whenever the door is opened, so they're useful even when you're at home with children or if you live with an elderly family member. They operate using Wi-Fi or you can get battery operated chimes.

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