Vacation Like a Pro | Part 2

Backpacking through Europe? Enjoying the Caribbean? Or are the Swiss Alps calling your name? If you are traveling out of the country this summer, especially if you're going with a group, here are a few great tips for you!

Paper Isn't Dead

The last time I boarded a plane I had my boarding pass on my phone, my itinerary on my phone, my hotel registration on my phone, even my event tickets were... you guessed it. But I wasn't heading over seas.

If you plan to leave the country make a paper copy of your passport, travel plans and friends/hotel phone numbers and put them in your bag along with the bag of everyone else in your group! In a digital world technology acts as our first reference, but if your tech gets taken you'll need an analogue backup.

Extra Insurance

Two HUGE extra forms of insurance. Travelers Medical and Airline, Ticket insurance are a MUST for the Pro Traveler.

The medical world is different over seas, sometime they can't handle us in the same way as hospitals state side. Consider covering yourself with some extra insurance, your health insurance probably won't cover a medical evacuation to the US from Thailand.

Additionally, plans change at times. If your plans change and you need to adjust your ticket, or cancel your flight because you fell in love with a French Mime, it's going to cost you! When you purchase your round trip ticket, consider paying a little extra with the airline so you don't have to pay BIG when plans change.

Throw Back to Throw Away

My phone is my alarm clock, my GPS, my calculator, my Camera, my Primary Email Device, my... the list goes on. We rely on our phones for SO much! Can I make one bold suggestion that will amply your vacation experience?

Leave your phone in the bottom of your bag. When you travel this summer, grab a good old fashion disposable camera. Be selective about the photos you take and wait to put them on insta until you get back to civilization. Enjoy your experiences - even if it means your followers don't get to experience it with you. (This is wise for safety reasons too, more on that later). One Quick Note: Don't use the camera like Erin did...

Have awesome travels this summer! Be safe. Michigan will be happy to receive you with open arms when you get back.




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