Vacation Like a Pro | Part 1

Vacation season has begun in Michigan! Lakes and highways are filling up every weekend as sunscreen lathered Michiganders migrate back to their natural habitat. If you are in migration mode, follow these few tips to amplify your vacation experience!

Pack Your Bags Army Style

This video revolutionized the way I pack! I never have to dig through layers of cloths to get what I'm looking for, and I can fit SO much more in my bags (which comes in handy when you're packing for 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 adults).

Plan Out On-The-Go Entertainment

When I was a kid all my entertainment had an item associated with it. I still remember bring travel monopoly, digital uno, and handheld Tetris with me, along with books and even a case FULL of DVD's so we could be entertained in the car.

The analog days are gone! Now all my movies, books, games, and (because Real Estate Never Sleeps) work, is readily accessible on my phone. I plan on having NO WiFi when I go, so I'm never disappointed! There are a few great places to source your entertainment in the great outdoors, audible for audio books, kindle for eBooks, Netflix for Movies/Shows, but if you want to read and listen without paying I have a GREAT source for you.

Before your next vacation, get a library card with the Jackson District Library and subscribe to Hoopla Digital. Hoopla has Thousands of Audiobooks, eBooks, Albums, Shows, and Movies to choose from. You get 10 items every month for FREE!!!!!

Pack Like Santa

Make a list - check it twice. Even the most seasoned pilate won't take off without going through a pre-flight checklist. Even the most seasoned vacation pro needs to double-check their packing list.

Happy Vacationing Jackson!




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