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Top 3 Things Homeowners in Jackson, Michigan Should Do After September 15

Updated: May 17, 2022

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If you haven't seen it, check out Part 1 of this conversation; 3 things to do in the first half of September. This week, Ben and Jake are naming the top 3 things homeowners in Jackson, Michigan should do after September 15.

Fall home maintenance is a series of small, pro-active steps you take to keep things running smoothly. Neglecting these measures could mean expensive repair bills and a lower list price when it comes time to sell.

Inspect and Clean Gutters

While it rains is a perfect time to go outside and check for leaks. Save the repairs for a clear day, obviously! Consider replacing gutters with wider downspouts. Once leaves have fallen, clean them out of gutters and downspouts because blocked gutters can lead to ice build up, one of your home's worst enemies.

Replace Screen Windows/Doors With Storms

Remove and store screen windows and doors, and install storms. You'll save on heating costs, and protect your home. Bonus: During the darker winter months, clear panes let more light into your home!

Lower Your Lawn Mower Deck

Summer lawn height is recommended to be about 3" minimum to keep the sun from scorching your grass. As fall approaches, gradually lower your deck to no higher than 2", unless hills cause your mower to scalp the lawn. During the snowy months, mold can grow and spread in long grass, leaving white, dead spots on your spring lawn. Prevent mold by cutting to 2" on your last mow.

We've created a tool to help you own with excellence this season. Check out My Fall Maintenance Plan.

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