The SMART Way to Sell (and enjoy your home more until you do)

Without question, the houses that sell for the most money with the least time on the market are move-in-ready homes. I know what you're thinking, this is the most profound thought you have heard all day! Well, maybe not.

Even though most people know move-in-ready homes sell higher and fast than others, the vast majority of homes listed are not truly move in ready.

Alternatively, when a home owner chooses to sell their home at it's peak condition they find themselves in a months long repair frenzy! Replacing faucets in the bathroom, light fixtures and switch covers, flooring, furnace, kitchen appliances and finally, painting. So. Much. Painting.

Have you sold recently? Have you gotten the paint off your arms/legs/hands/hair yet?

So, how do you sell your house and maintain your sanity at the same time? How do you live before you list? One simple shift can drastically change your moving experience, and make your house a more comfortable or appealing place to live in the mean time.

Instead of prepping to move months before you list, start preparing now!

Chances are, you're going to sell your house in the future (if national statistics hold true, you will probably move once every 10 years, minimum). So, knowing that selling is in your future, start planning for the sale now.

Replace your dated kitchen appliances with MATCHING appliances (same brand, same color), if you've recently had your cabinets, counter tops, or floors redone, start planning a color to paint that compliments this new color.

If any of those items are needing to be replaced, DON'T PAINT until those are replaced.

Start painting one room/month (it really only takes a few hours to move stuff and paint one room, less if you have help.)

Then start knocking out other projects, painting trim (best done at the same time as replacing carpet), replacing fixtures and faucets, reglazing the tub, etc.

One final tip you should implement today then I'm going to give you 2 game changing resources.

Stop. Smoking.

If you smoke inside your house it is going to lower the value - if you are planning to list EVER you shouldn't smoke in your house. If you really want to make your life better, consider kicking the habit all together. I find breathing to be quite conducive to life.

Ok, now on to those resources.

1. At My SMART Team, we've created a simple process to ensure move-in-readiness for every house we list. If listing is in your future, book an appointment with us ASAP!

2. If you know your home needs repairs done that you can't handle it's time to call in a pro! Sometimes a specialist is needed (a plumber or electrician or septic expert), for everything else, there's Scott - shameless plug for my favorite handyman - Scott Edwards with 90 Degree Residential - if you want to get something done right, call Scott

So, how do all these repairs make moving easier and make living more enjoyable? Simple. We appreciate what we work on. If you replace your floor, you're going to take pride in the change you made in your home and fall in love with it again, the same for your kitchen, your bedrooms and bathroom too! Working on your house should instill in you a sense of pride in ownership!

Just like getting a car wash gives you a little pride, or a new shirt gives you a jolt of confidence, a house in great repair will help you sell confidently and give you pride in your home until it's time to move.

Talk to you soon.




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