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September 2022 Real Estate Update

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When you tour a house, you mustache yourself, "How do I feel in this space?" Paint color is not cutting-edge technology, but it makes a huge difference. Ben's razor-sharp wit and Mikhail's stubble comb through four rooms suggesting colors that you will love living with, and that will grow your resale value. Here's the buzz.

We want you to love being at home. Here's our Pro Advice™ for four rooms.

Master Bedroom

This room should be, above all, relaxing and calming. White, gray, beige, and griege all work. If you crave more color, paint your room light green, blue, or even lilac. For a stunning accent wall, choose dark blue or dark purple.

Living Room

For a vibrant and fun living area, choose red or blue. If you're new to strong color, start with one accent wall. Red brings energy, while a dark green accent wall is more relaxing, yet still makes a statement. Lots of blues work in the living room, but stay away from bright orange.


We love yellow for this room, as long as it's pastel and muted. Blue is a super popular bathroom color and almost any shade will work. You can even go with a dark purple, because white porcelain fixtures neutralize the dark shade. Lilac is very relaxing in this room.


This high-impact room leads the resale value line-up. All-white kitchens never go out of style, but don't be afraid to introduce some drama. The best way to make a bold statement is to paint some of the cabinets green or blue. Red can be incorporated in small doses, as can yellow, but don't bring orange into the kitchen.

Shaved This for Later

For this blog we approached paint color room by room, but remember, all rooms should work together. If you choose earth tones for the living room, that feel should be evident in other parts of the house. Try to develop a pallet of colors that relate to one another as you move throughout your home.

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