Plug Up Your Hole-y House

A Quick Start Guide to Tighten Up the Holes in Your House.

Did you know that the typical house hold spends 50% of their utility bill on heating and cooling their home?

You may think, "Of course! Houses are hard to heat and cool. We do live in Michigan after all."

What if I told you it doesn't have to be this way. What if you could save hundreds of dollars every year just by making a few changes to you home?

Before we jump into changes, let me tell you a surprising fact.

If you took all the voids in your home (around windows, exhaust, piping, around your rim joist, in your soffit) where air could freely pass between the inside and outside of your house they would most likely add up to a perfect circle no less than 2 FEET in diameter!

That's a HUGE hole!

That mean's you are having to cool and heat air, just to lose it!

Because I want you to keep the air you pay for and ultimately save money and live GREEN, I am giving you a small summary of projects you could do to "tighten up" your home.

If these projects interest you, then ask a Professional to get you started in the right direction!

Want a recommendation on what to start first!

As a GREEN Designated Realtor!

You can reach My SMART Team at (517) 295-3948 (EXIT) and we would be happy to make some suggestions for you!

Want the quick summary sheet? Click HERE




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