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Plant Beds - 3 Tips!

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Spring is here and you're planning outdoor projects. Level up your curb appeal with these tips from Jake for stunning plant beds!

1. Lay new mulch or stone

First, rake leaves and sticks from the bed. If the bed is already mulched, you can add more mulch, going for 2-3" in depth. Less than 2" encourages weeds, while more than 3" promotes mold. If you want to lay stone, clear out all the old mulch, level the bed, and lay weed matting first.

Do not use weed matting with mulch because:

A. Small amounts of soil will gather on top of the matting, promoting weed growth.

B. Matting tangles with mulch and makes a mess.

2. Leave space between plants

With a new bed, space plants according to their mature size. Resist the temptation to crowd new plantings unless you're willing to dig them up and transplant them sooner than you might think.

3. Install the right border

If using black plastic border, buy the heavy duty variety. Bricks and pavers are nice options, as are rocks, which can be obtained from several landscaping businesses around town.

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