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October Real Estate Market Update for Jackson, Michigan

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The Jackson, Michigan real estate market behaved predictably through early fall. What can buyers and sellers expect now through the end of 2021?


Buyers who aren't comfortable in a super competitive market should make their move now. They'll have more time to write an offer that could include a contingency to sell their own house, or other favorable details. That's because many other buyers have settled into their fall routines and will not be house-shopping until spring, so sellers will be more willing to consider varied offers from the right buyer.


If you've ever sold a house in spring, you know that it can leave you temporarily homeless! Once your house lists, you might be vacuuming your way out the front door and have to stay away for hours while multiple showings take place.

Not so in fall! Listing now will be manageable and everything will move at a more comfortable speed. You'll still get offers - especially if you've followed the advice of your My SMART Team listing agent - while maintaining sanity day to day.

Buyers and Sellers

If you want to make a move and have a house to sell, now is your sweet spot! In spring, the market is busier, so if you're selling as well as buying, it's tough to coordinate getting into your new home and selling your current house without having to bunk at the in-laws' for a time.

In the next month, you can consider buying first, then putting your house on the market, because a home sale contingency will be more seriously considered in fall's less competitive market.

Another perk of listing now is that your closing will likely happen in January. If you're also buying, there are tax advantages to closing on your purchased home at the first of the year.


If you've been thinking about getting into the real estate investment market in Jackson County, now is a great time to explore your options. Call us at 517-295-3948 to learn more.

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