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Mistakes Jackson Sellers Make

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If you're thinking of selling, you might get complacent in the Jackson, Michigan market. Houses are selling fast, and multiple buyers are competing for every home. Even so, there are many potential pitfalls that could make your selling experience complicated and overwhelming. But don't worry. Together, John and Ben have helped over 800 people sell and buy their homes. This week, they're naming some important missteps to avoid.

Don't make these mistakes!

1. Overprice your house

It's easy to get greedy in a sellers' market. The first few weeks of a listing are when the greatest number of people will see your house. If the price is too high, the house will sit on the market, and potential buyers will look elsewhere. By the time you've lowered your price to what the market will bear, traffic will have decreased, and buyers will wonder what is wrong with the house.

2. Don't clean the windows, paint, or replace/repair flooring

The good news is that the most effective ways to appeal to buyers are often the least expensive. Clean windows let in more light and make your house shine. A new coat of paint is the quickest way to freshen up and get on trend. And even an older home will show well if floors are clean and in good repair. Other things to check:

Furnace/AC are operational with new filters

Placement and amount of furniture is appealing

Spaces are uncluttered

3. Don't listen to your real estate coach

Don't go lone wolf. Your Realtor knows the local market and will suggest a list price that will attract the right buyer in the shortest time period, resulting in the most dollars in your pocket. He will create a unique listing plan to propel you into a successful transaction. You deserve to sell like a pro.

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