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Mistakes Jackson Buyers Make

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The beauty of My SMART Team coaching videos is that they're local and timely. You don't need to know what's happening somewhere else. This week Ben and John are coaching Jackson, Michigan buyers to position themselves for success given current local market conditions. Because you deserve to buy with confidence.

Don't make these mistakes!

1. Underestimate the time it will take to find a new home.

Manage your expectations. The typical period between accepted offer and possession is between 45 and 90 days. The current market is anything but typical. Right now for every listing, there are 10-20 buyers. Some wait only a week for an accepted offer. For others it's 6 weeks or more. That means you'll need patience, a flexible schedule, and a great real estate coach. We've got #3 covered.

2. Fall in love too soon

As you prepare to make an offer, hold the house with an open hand. See Are You Ready to Go on a Showing? to learn what to do first. Once your offer has been written, three things have to happen:

A. Your offer must be accepted.

B. The home must pass inspection.

C. The appraisal must be satisfactory.

Try to retain a sense of detachment while all this is happening, and you'll have a more peace-filled journey. We'll be with you every step of the way.

3. Don't listen to your real estate coach

Picture this: You are the athlete on the field, making the plays, getting the glory. Your real estate coach is on the sidelines with the big picture and a proven strategy. He negotiates transactions all day long and he can see the whole game. The final decisions are yours of course. Just remember that you can trust him because we're all on the same team.

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