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March Market Update

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Whether you're buying, listing, or staying where you are, here is what you need to know about the real estate market now.

1. Buyers Face Competition

The local real estate market us suppressed. That means the number of homes for sale is low, so buyers will need to be ready for competition. Our Buyer's Agents will coach you to be prepared when the right home comes along, and then help you write a strong offer so you're well positioned to get the home you want. Stay tuned this month for our video and blog on writing a strong offer!

2. This is a Great Time to Sell

A. Because inventory is 40% less than this time in 2020 (crazy low!), now is a fantastic time to list your home. Prices are high and we think they'll remain that way for some time.. My SMART Team will coach you to make the most effective improvements and list at the right price so you can close the door for the final time with confidence and pride.

3. Owners, Think Equity

If you're staying put for now, the rising real estate prices mean your equity is growing. This is a fantastic time to remodel or add on using a home equity loan. You'll enjoy your home more, and when it comes time to list, you will have return on investment.

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