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July Market Update

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Check out the Jackson County, Michigan real estate market forecast brought to you by Ben Kono, Lead Realtor. Whether you're buying, selling, or staying put, we want you to make SMART decisions.

We're comparing June with figures from May and it's good news.

Average Home Price

In June the average sale price of homes in Jackson rose from $198,000 to $207,000.

% Sale Price Compared to List Price

June saw the average sale price relative to list price unchanged, at 102%.

New Listings

Houses are coming onto the market at a rate higher than in May. In June, Jackson county new listings totaled 306, an upward trend.

Total homes for Sale

In June, 471 total homes were available for purchase, almost 30 more than in May.

What does this mean for...


Stay prepared to offer above list price to win your next home. The good news is that now you have more options. Competition with other buyers has eased and there are more homes from which to choose. If you don't see anything you like today, the right home for you is likely to appear very soon!


There is more competition for qualified buyers than in May. You need a realtor who knows the local market; someone with an effective strategy to prepare your house for listing, an experienced negotiator, and who will get you the most equity out of your investment. You need My SMART Team.

Home Owners

Congratulations! Your home is likely worth more than it was one month ago. If you are considering renovating or refinancing, now is a great time to pull the trigger. Interest rates are low, and keeping your home in top shape will pay off big when it comes time to sell.

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