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5 Things You Need to Know About the Jackson, Michigan Real Estate Market in 2021

Updated: May 14, 2021

1. The Jackson Market is Not Going to Crash

We talk about the 10,000 foot view here. What you need to know is that the Jackson market is strong. Why does that matter to you? First, this means that waiting to buy a home in Jackson may NOT be in your best interest.

If you’ve told yourself, “I’ll buy when prices drop again”, you could be waiting a long time. (And interest rates may be a lot worse in a few years.)

If you are feeling the pressure to list right NOW, it might be time to give yourself a break. Your home should still be very valuable for a long time! (But if you do want to sell now, we know the best real estate team in Jackson, Michigan.)

If you’re thinking about selling in a few years but don’t know what improvements to make between now and then, My SMART Team coaches home owners to make SMART real estate decisions every day, so at the right time, you can sell with confidence.

2. You Live in the PAYMENT, Not the Price

Many Jackson buyers have told themselves, “I’ll never be able to afford a $200,000 house”, or $300,000 or some other arbitrary ceiling.

But did you know that a low interest rate doesn’t only change how much interest someone pays during the life of her mortgage? It also increases the total purchase price she can offer.

In Jackson, we have a number of people who would never dream of being able to afford a home today because prices are so high. But Jackson home shoppers are finding out that these new higher prices are more affordable than ever before because interest rates are so low.

Don’t disqualify yourself. You live in the payment, not the price.

3. Work With a Local Agent and Local Lender

Jackson is a small town. This means business happens according to relationships, not marketing.

Working with an agent who is known can be the final element that gets your offer on top of the others in a competitive offer environment (meaning you are competing against 3-10 other offers).

Did you know that good professional relationships can be predictably built over time? My SMART Team systematically builds rapport with each agent who has a listed house by strategic contact with that agent before and after the showing.

This extra effort is our long term investment in a relationship that benefits you when working with a My SMART Team agent.

4. Strategic Negotiation is Vital

There are stories going around Jackson. You may have heard tales of 15, 17, or even 20 offers on one house.

You’ve probably thought, “How on earth does someone pick one offer when there are 20 on the table?” Here’s what we’ve found: Every seller is different.

Some people are only thinking about the money. “How much will I have in my pocket at closing?”

Others think about how easy it will be to move, when is closing and how long until they have to move out.

Still others think about security: “Which offer is the safest offer?” They don’t care if they make $100 or $1,000 less, they just want security. This buyer may be someone who can afford well above the purchase price, or has a large down payment, or isn’t going to ask for any repairs as a result of the inspection.

Did you know, most real estate agents don’t ask the listing agent what the seller wants? They just take a shot in the dark. You deserve to work with an agent who is going to negotiate for you on paper and in person, like a professional.

On My SMART Team, your buyers’ agent is diligent to contact the listing agent several times so you write the best possible offer, the one the seller wants.

5. You Should Work with a Busy Realtor

Did you know that real estate agents are allowed to sell their own listings? In fact, some of the most successful Jackson Realtors sell homes before they ever get listed.

This isn’t the right option for every seller, and agents don’t always have a buyer that fits, but a good Realtor (or team of Realtors) can give their buyers exclusive access to their personal inventory of listings!

Not only does a busy Realtor have exclusive access to unlisted inventory, but they also have a gut feeling of how much a house could appraise for, and in a fast paced market with rising prices, you need to trust that you aren’t over paying for the house.

The best way to ensure this is to work with a Realtor who is going on lots of showings each week in the area where you intend to shop.

Busy real estate agents are like professional athletes. The reason the pros are good is because they practice often, they stay sharp and continue to improve. You deserve to work with an agent who is well practiced, sharp, and getting better every day.

The only thing better than a busy agent is a busy agent who is on a team that openly shares challenges and gets better together everyday. The only team of this kind in Jackson, Michigan is My SMART Team at EXIT Realty 1st.


“The team approach that My SMART Team has is unlike any other. The entire process felt easy for us as both buyers and sellers and we are so thankful for the way they approach their work. They are kind, patient, efficient and passionate. Highly recommend.”

- Chelsea Burk


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About the Author:

Ben Kono is the Lead Realtor on My SMART Team, Jackson’s premier real estate team, who believes you deserve confidence whether you’re buying, selling or just owning your home. Going through a transition at home can be complicated and overwhelming. We coach people through every season of maintenance, each renovation project and every home sale or purchase. With the right coaching everyone can be confident.

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