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How to Write a Strong Offer

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Buyers are competing. To win the home you desire, you need to write a strong offer. Here's how we coach you:

1. Shorten the Inspection Time Frame

Our buyers agents will ask the inspector for a shorter turn-around time. It's just one of the ways we go to bat for our clients.

2. Find Out What the Seller Needs

We'll talk with the listing agent about how soon the seller wants to move out, and incorporate that into your offer. An offer tailored to the time frame of the seller is more likely to be accepted.

3. Contact Your Lender

Our agents will call your lender to ask what is necessary to close the deal. It's an extra step that can reveal action items earlier than your competitor's transaction, so you can move forward quickly.


No one wants surprises. Before submitting your purchase agreement to the listing agent, we'll send it to the lender to verify that:

A. You will qualify for the loan.

B. Closing costs and down payments are accurate.

Hey, buying a home can be complicated. With the right real estate coach,

EVERYONE can be confident.

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