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How to Stay Safe This Halloween

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

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Alison Cristian, Transaction Coordinator, and Jake Sinkovitz, Buyers Agent, open up their bag of tricks and tips so you can have a fangtastic Halloween.


A. For a howling good time, plan your route before you leave home.

B. Eerie-sistible costumes allow young kids to see and be seen. Face paint is better than a mask that obscures vision. Add reflective tape to costumes. Give kids glow sticks and flashlights - they're fun and help kids stay safe. Make sure your child's costume allows freedom of movement too.

C. Creepin' it real for older kids: Make sure they're traveling in groups, and have them plan their routes. Appoint times for them to check in with you by phone.

Home Safety

Vandalism increases every year around Halloween. Here are Jake's fab-boo-lous safety tips:

A. Lighting is the easiest and best way to discourage vandals. Outside lights should be on where you plan to hand out candy. Also turn on sidewalk and driveway lights if you have them. If you don't plan to be home, leave some lights on. A combination of timed and motion sensor lights is recommended.

B. Install security cameras. Wireless or hard-wired systems are available. And make sure visitors can see your camera. Just seeing a security camera will discourage some vandals.

C. If you're handing out candy, secure pets where they will be comfortable. They will be less stressed, and your young visitors will be safe too.

Bonus Tip!

Here is a tip that didn't appear on any Halloween list before the 1990's: Older kids out with a group of friends should be reminded to keep their phones in their pockets unless they're checking in with you. People who are walking with intention and aware of their surroundings make poor crime targets.

When is trick-or-treating in your community?

Halloween Trick or Treat 2021: Here’s when and where to go in the Jackson area -

Stay safe, and have a wicked awesome Halloween!

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