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How to Recover from a Disaster at Home

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1. Winter is Fire Season

This is because we're turning up the furnace, lighting fires in our fireplaces, and burning candles. Smoke usually causes more damage than the fire itself, and small appliances are often the culprit. Unplug your toaster when not in use and keep it clear of crumbs. Keep small appliances in good repair. After a fire, a disaster recovery service can find all the hidden smoke damage so you won't have an odor when humid weather arrives.

2. Nothing Stops Water!

Keep your thermostat set no lower than 65 to prevent frozen pipes. Pipes leading to outdoor hoses connected in winter often freeze, but you won't discover the broken pipe until you use the hose in spring. Unhook and store hoses before winter. Water damage is often hidden, so hire a mitigation company like Kustom US to find all affected areas, thoroughly dry them out, and spray for mold.

3. Other damage

Cory Winslow of Kustom US has seen it all! He has rebuilt after car impacts caused by police chases, reckless drivers, and homeowners (oops!). Kustom US also cleans up and repairs after wind, hail, and fallen tree damage.

4. Complete Disaster Recovery Services from Kustom US:

A. Response/Emergency Services: Storm cleanup and removal of hazardous debris. Homeowners don't usually need an insurance estimate for this because it is considered a safety priority. This phase can include drying out the home, tree removal, and boarding up windows immediately after fire.

B. Contents Removal and Storage: This division of Kustom US handles removal of items in the home including cabinetry, and storage of the items while restoration and rebuilding is ongoing.

C. Reconstruction/Repair: Kustom US coordinates with the homeowner to purchase replacement materials within the budget determined by the insurance claim, and restores your home to its former condition, or better.

5. Are You Covered?

Review your homeowner's insurance policy and add coverage for recent additions to your home. Keeping up to date will be super important in the event of disaster.

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