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How to Avoid Fire and Water Losses

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Part 2 of our conversation with Cory Winslow of Kustom U.S. Restoration includes all the ways you can protect your home from fire and water loss. If you haven't see it, check out Part One first!

1. Avoid Water Loss

A. Maintain your furnace. Set your thermostat now lower than 65° to keep water flowing.

B. While you're in the basement, take a flashlight and look UP for corroded pipes, look AROUND for wet cardboard, and look DOWN into your sump pit for debris that could clog the outflow.

C. When the weather turns cold, unhook and bring your garden hose inside so trapped water can't freeze where it exits the house.

D. Be sure to add items of value kept in the basement to your homeowner's insurance policy in case of damage.

2. Avoid Fire Loss

The main culprits are small appliances.

A. Never use extension cords with small appliances. Instead, hire an electrician to install more outlets where you need them. Keep your toaster free of crumbs, and consider unplugging it when not in use.

B. If using extension cords for lamps, do not stack them to reach long distances. Buy a cord long enough to reach the outlet.

C. Use quality power strips, and never overload them.

Part 3: Horror Stories from Cory coming soon!

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