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Home Security While Traveling

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1. Do not post your travel plans on social media.

Wait until you get back to share photos/videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social sites.

2. Get the Travel Plan form at

Fill it out with information about pet sitters and others coming to your house while you're away, contact numbers, and if/when to contact you.

Give it to a trusted neighbor.

3. When ordering on line, sign up for notifications of package delivery.

Bring boxes inside as soon as they arrive.

If something is delivered while you're away, ask a neighbor to collect the package for you.

4. Install a home security system with environmental sensors.

Get alerts on your phone of changes in air temperature caused by a fire or changes in humidity caused by water entering your home. If neighbors are not at home, you'll still be notified.

5. Invest in a security camera or doorbell camera.

Keep your home under surveillance while you're away.

Bonus Money-saving Tips:

1. Turn your thermostat down.

2. Consider shutting off the water to prevent pipes freezing.

Shut off water, then turn on faucets to let water drain out. You can also turn off your water heater to save even more.

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