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Living Green is not just about the energy you use at home. It's more than the car you drive or having solar panels on your house.

Living Green is often about changing your habits.

One HUGE move you can make to up your GREEN game is moving to a walkable - or short drive-able - location. Keeping your commute short to the grocery store, to school, to work, and any other place you frequent will significantly diminish the resources you use on a daily basis.

One website to check out as you consider where to buy your next home is - this website is advertising apartments for rent, but it will give you great info on the walkability of the location you are looking into!

Other ways to conserve energy based on where you live is by consolidating trips. Have to get gas? Grab groceries, pick up the kids, and stop by the mall all in the same trip!

You can also, consider letting the gym membership lapse during the summer and exercise by walking around your neighborhood or going to the park.

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