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Get Your Basement Ready to List

Check out the Video - Getting Your Unfinished Basement Ready to Sell

If you're thinking of selling and have an unfinished basement, don't worry. Below are things you can do before your My SMART Team listing appointment that will remove all the question marks from a potential buyer's mind. These things are low cost and effective. And honestly, you should do them even if you're not selling. Read on!

1. Hot Water Heater

Buyers want to know the hot water heater is in good repair:

A. The discharge (drain) pipe should come to within 1-3" from the floor.

B. If the pipe is leaking, replace the temperature relief valve located near the top of the pipe.

C. If you see corrosion on the discharge pipe from past leaks, clean it off with a commercially available cleaner or make a solution using household ingredients.

2. Furnace

Potential buyers will look closely at your furnace. Here's what you can do to remove all their questions.:

A. Take off the cover plate and dust inside with a vacuum attachment. If you are not comfortable doing this, My SMART Team can recommend a professional. A furnace inspection is provided when you list with My SMART Team.

B. While cleaning behind the plate, inspect for corrosion and if you find some, consult a professional.

C. Dust the outer surface of your furnace because appearance matters. Even older furnaces can benefit from a cleaning so buyers don't confuse age with disrepair.

D. Replace the furnace filter the day before you list, no matter how "new" the filter is.

3. Water Softener

A. Have plenty of salt on hand, and fill your softener to capacity - using your manufacturer's fill line - just before your house lists, and before the open house and before every showing. Attention to details like this shows you care about your home. My SMART Team recommends keeping the level of salt always above the water line, for consistent, predictably soft water.

B. Like the other appliances, dust off the outer surfaces of the water softener.

4. Look Up!

A. Attach any loose hanging wires to the upper joists.

B. Dust the rafters using an angled feather duster or shop vacuum.

C. Have a plumber look at significant corrosion on pipes and make recommended repairs.

With a bit of time and a little elbow grease, you can tweak your unfinished basement so it shines for potential buyers!

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