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Get the Outside of Your House Ready to Sell

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

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We make decisions with our emotions. Ben tells sellers how to make potential buyers confident:

1. Clean the Siding

Dirty siding makes potential buyers wonder if you've neglected other things. Wood and some aluminum siding should be soft-scrubbed. Vinyl can be power washed.

2. Spruce Up the Garage Door

Especially if your garage faces the front or side of your house, it will set the tone before potential buyers even park their cars, let alone step inside your house. Make sure it's clean. A simple paint job in a bold (not bright) color will do wonders. If the door is dented, consider replacing it.

3. Let's Talk Plant Beds

Nothing is easier than pruning overgrown bushes and clearing last fall's leaves out of flower beds. You should also lay fresh mulch. Red and black mulch are a specific taste, while brown mulch is more widely appealing. So simple!

Hey, selling a house can be complicated. With the right real estate coach,

EVERYONE can be confident.

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