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December Real Estate Market Update for Jackson, Michigan

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This month Mikhail and Alison are teaming up to talk you through the Jackson County, Michigan December real estate market. It's about slowing down, prepping to list, and incredibly, virtual real estate. What!?

Yep, We Predicted That

Jackson County is experiencing a normal, late-fall slowdown in home purchases as people take time out to celebrate the holidays. Summer saw an unusual number of transactions, as agents worked through a backlog of pent-up Covid buying and selling. We're past the surge, and heading into a typically slower market.

Where Are We Compared with Last Year?

November 2021 saw a 12% decrease in listings over November of 2020. It's possible the 2021 summer surge satisfied most who were looking to relocate, though it's arguable whether a 12 percent difference is significant during this normally slower season.

When will activity pick up?

Look for activity to gain momentum around March 1st. However, listing in winter is still a good idea, because people are house-hunting in January and February, and with lower inventory, there is less competition for the right buyer. Otherwise, plan to use January and February to complete inside projects if you're listing this spring.

Bonus: Virtual Real Estate

According to Business Insider, $100,000,000 was spent on virtual real estate just last week. Properties are available from several platforms and transactions are predicted to explode.

As 2021 wraps up, we count our wonderful clients among our blessings, and wish you a peaceful, healthy, and blessed Christmas!

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