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Christmas Decor Tips

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Check out the Safety Tip video

1. Check Christmas lights for damage.

While lights are in storage, they can become frayed, damaged by animals, or knotted, and cause a short. This can be a dangerous fire hazard.

2. Switch to LED lights.

LED lights draw less electricity and run cooler, for:

Energy savings

Less chance of fire

3. Water your Christmas tree.

Live trees stay greener and therefore safer when you:

Make a fresh cut at the bottom of the trunk before placing it in the tree stand

Keep your tree watered

4. Be careful ladders.

Always have a spotter.

Use a properly maintained ladder.

Make sure the ladder is well-balanced on the ground.

5. Plug lights/decorations into GFCI outlets.

Ground-fault circuit interrupters stop the flow of electricity if the circuit is over- drawn.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you blow out candles when you leave the room.

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