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Biggest Mistake Most People Make When Listing Their Home


Listing is complicated and, let's be honest, pretty overwhelming if you don't know what you're doing or what comes next. What adds to the overwhelm? Having your house listed with no offers for a long time!

So how do you make sure to side step the head ache and get a sweet offer right away? You side step the one mistake most people make when attempting to sell their house.

The Mistake

When your house goes on the market it's not just "Listed." It's on display. You are inviting people, not into your life, but into dreaming of what is to come. They need to see the potential, not problems.

So what is the mistake?

Ignoring the small stuff.

Your windows will get dirty again, but you should still clean them. The buyer could change the light bulbs, but you should still make a room as bright as possible. They will probably paint, but you should still put a fresh coat of paint on the walls just before listing.

By sweating the small stuff, by doing the little things, you are going to add big dollars to the value of your home.

The Hard Part

So why do we ignore the small stuff? Why doesn't everyone do these things when it can have such a huge impact?

We grow blind to the small stuff in our house that is wrong, broken, or odd. Because we become blind to these things the best thing you can do is hire a coach. Someone who knows the high impact items that can add a lot of value to your house.

Want to hire a real estate coach? My SMART Team has the best realtors in Jackson. Reach out to us any time.

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