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Before You Buy a House in the Country!

Check out the Video - Shallow Well or Deep Well?

1. Before you buy a home in the country, find out what kind of well it has.

Shallow wells are dug less than 25' deep, while deep wells can go hundreds of feet into the ground

2. Characteristics of shallow wells:

Shallow wells use older pump systems that pull the water up, so they have weaker water pressure than deep wells. Because the shallow well aquifer is closer to the surface of the earth, water purity can be affected. For example, shallow well water can contain trace amounts of chemicals, waste, and pesticides. Times of drought, even in Michigan, can deplete the amount and quality of water available in a shallow well aquifer.

3. Characteristics of deep wells:

Deep well systems push rather than pull the water out, so pressure at the tap is stronger. Since the aquifer is many times deeper, purity is not compromised by surface runoff that can contain chemicals, waste and pesticides. Deep aquifers are rarely affected by drought, and dependably provide pure water.

4. How to quickly determine which well is installed:

When considering purchasing a country home, look for an external pump. If you find a pump in the yard, enclosed in a pump house, or in a basement room as in the photo below, the home has a shallow well.

If the home has a deep well, you will see only a well head sticking up in the yard.

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