60 Seconds to Save Your Life

The Many, The Proud, The DIYers.

We all LOVE cutting costs. Something goes on sale and we HAVE to have it. We can sniff out a deal and devour it like a shark tracking blood in the water. But what if the bargain actually costs us more? What if the DIY project is DI Wrong?

When it comes to making your house a more comfortable place to live and Super Energy Efficient - we can't Do It ourselves. I want to quickly tell you why, then give you an incredible resource to get your project done right and put some money back in your pocket too.

Like the rain forest needs mosquitos, and worms, and birds, and bats and a whole slew of other animals and plants all in balance in order to survive, your home ecosystem needs the airflow, ventilation, appliances and insulation to be in balance in order for YOU to survive (or at the very least be comfortable and healthy).

Ok, really quickly, the 60 seconds that could save your life. If you are really good at insulating, or higher a specialist who is, and your house gets sealed up REALLY tight there are a few HUGE risks that you run into. The first, and smallest, risk is simply the air quality in your house will go down, your house could start to feel stuffy, like there is no fresh air. But this stuffiness is a sign of greater risks.

If the air in your house isn't being recycled (outside air coming in and visa versa) at least 3 times per hour there are some seriously harmful chemicals that can build up in your house, specifically, Radon, Carbon dioxide, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

How do you avoid this build up? Hire a Pro. Someone who understands how the ecosystem of your house works. Here is a link to FIND your Pro - and SAVE SOME MONEY too! If you want to learn more about how these pros are found or how to put money back in your pocket follow THIS link.

Final Things

If you're just starting the home shopping process, or want to see if your house is in need of some energy upgrades - it's time to start working with a #Green Designated Realtor®.

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