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3 Most Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House in Jackson, MI

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Selling a house can be complicated. If you aren't careful, you can get overwhelmed.

Here are some common mistakes to side-step so you can gain control over your selling experience!

1. Over Invest in Big Fixes

When I list a house in Jackson, I find most sellers know that they need to update a few things before they sell. Maybe you’ve thought about installing new carpet, or laying a new concrete driveway. Maybe you know you need to renovate your bathroom.

Big projects can make a significant impact on the value of a home, but did you know that the right set of small projects can be equally as effective?

Door knobs and hinges can make your entire house seem like it was renovated yesterday! Updating ceiling fans and light fixtures can triple or quadruple the money you invest in them.

When it comes to resale value, the best place to invest? Small projects.

But let me add this caveat. You need to choose the right projects. If you change the door knobs, but forget to swap out the black light switch from 1976, the impact is negated.

Now you’re probably asking, How do I make sure I’m doing all the right things? I’ve never even thought about changing the light switch!

The answer to that is simple. Book a call with one of our real estate coaches so you don’t waste a cent or a second on the wrong project.

2. DIY - Do it Yourself

Yes, DIY can be a mistake, but let me explain.

Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok and HGTV have made every home renovation seem possible to the average Joe.

But what happens when your DIY project comes up against a home inspector, a scrutinizing buyer and a realtor who has been in hundreds of homes just like yours?

Let me pause here. I know there are people who can do projects effectively, even those who can do everything better than a professional would, because they care a lot more and will put the time in to make their project shine. If you’re one of those people, skip down to the next section. (Or keep reading, because you are too curious and detailed to skip anything.)

For those who can do a project almost perfectly, just barely wrong, or good enough, I would encourage you to hire a professional. From new flooring or paint to a new bathroom, kitchen, or deck, your home is worth the investment.

Poorly applied paint with messy edges and uneven coverage will stand out to home shoppers.

Bad painting along with wrinkled carpet or poorly installed tile will turn on the “what else is wrong?” part of the buyer's brain. They will start to question the swing of every door, each hairline crack in the drywall or foundation. They will start to criticize instead of dream.

Those are just the small projects. If you decide to build the deck you’ve always wanted, but build it the wrong way, you could find yourself paying for the buyer’s new deck, or suffering a significant discount on the sale price of your house.

While you may save $1,000 or $10,000 by doing it yourself, it could cost you $5,000 or $25,000 when it comes time to sell your house. We can refer you to one of our preferred professionals.

3. Choose the Wrong Realtor

Are you rigid or more flexible? People oriented or more dialed in to details? Creative or structured?

No one is ALL of these things. No realtor is all of these things either. So where are you willing to compromise?

Do you want to work with someone who will fill out the paperwork perfectly, or someone who can negotiate like Chris Voss? How do you choose between a realtor who connects with you and one who is great with details?

Maybe we can ask a better question. What if you don’t have to choose?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when selling your house is picking the wrong supporting cast. Everyone knows that you are the real hero when it comes to selling your home. But how do you know that your side-kick is the right one to fit your needs?

My SMART Team has taken on the challenge of selling your home with a new approach.

You will never have to worry about a single detail being missed because we have a designated transaction coordinator on each and every transaction. They focus on the paperwork so your realtor can focus on you.

We also deploy the skill and persistence of a dedicated marketing specialist. They keep your listing at the top of Jackson County social feeds, and produce high quality articles about your house so it can captivate people online, where everyone starts their buying journey.

Selling a house isn’t for the faint of heart, but with support from the right team, anyone can sell with excellence.

Have you thought about making a move, but you don’t know where to start? Our team can get the ball rolling for you! Reach out to us anytime at


"Little did I know how much the Team approach would benefit our listing and quick selling of the house! I was in contact with Ben and Alison many times to help this process along, and we were so glad for the extra support they also provided! Well done, My SMART Team at EXIT Realty 1st. Thanks!"

- Coralie Dirlam


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About the Author:

Ben Kono is the Lead Realtor on My SMART Team, Jackson’s premier real estate team, who believes you deserve confidence whether you’re buying, selling or just owning your home. Going through a transition at home can be complicated and overwhelming. We coach people through every season of maintenance, each renovation project and every home sale or purchase. With the right coaching everyone can be confident.

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