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3 Mistakes Sellers Make

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What sellers tell themselves can be counterproductive. Ben and Jake reveal 3 important tips that will help you get every penny out of your house and move with confidence.

1. I'll Just Let the New Owners Take Care of...

  • Carpeting

  • Light Fixtures

  • Paint

Why can't the new owners easily replace these things once they move in? The problem is this: Outdated lighting, faded paint, and worn flooring make spaces unwelcoming. So, chances are you won't even get an offer!

2. I'll Finish This Repair Once the House is Listed

Cosmetic things like countertops, doors, and the three examples above can create or block a potential buyer's emotional connection with a home. Sellers should always repair/replace these items so buyers can see themselves comfortably living in the space.

Structural repairs, surprisingly, can sometimes be done after listing. An obvious leak will often be overlooked if the potential buyer knows it will be repaired before closing, because it doesn't interfere with the emotional connection.

Your My SMART Team agent will create a custom pre-listing evaluation so you'll know what to do when.

3. I'll Find My Next Home After the Current One Sells

Sorry, not in this market. Low inventory means that timing a purchase after your sale seldom works. You will likely end up staying with friends or family, under pressure to purchase a home that is not right for you. To avoid an uncomfortable gap between selling and purchasing, let My SMART Team create a custom plan for your entire selling/buying process.

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