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Jake Sinkovitz

Enneagram #8 Challenger

Working Genius, Wonder

Buying a home can be complicated and overwhelming. 


I love walking alongside people through the real estate journey, coaching them to make a smart decision FOR THEM. From layout, to location, to the condition and quality of the home, I’ll help you buy the right home for your next season of life. Think of me as your personal home-buying coach. 


This past year, some clients with a challenging financial situation were trying hard to move into a better home for their large family. I stuck with them for several months. The team and I negotiated repairs so they were done correctly, because everyone deserves a safe and secure place to live. We collaborated with the seller’s agent and lender to work towards closing on a home that met their needs and successfully closed after 6 months. 


So who am I? I am Batman. Okay, not really… I have an eclectic professional background including church ministry, student development in higher education, general contracting, landscaping, and information technology. Because of  this I’m able to adapt to most any situation and see the home buying process from a well-rounded perspective. 


Born and raised in Jackson, Michigan, I have a deep knowledge and understanding of the area. In my spare time I enjoy playing hockey, cycling, and woodworking. I also hike, camp, and travel with my beautiful wife and three children.


I am honored to help people make this wonderful area their home. It would be a privilege to serve you in your home purchase too!


Contact me at!

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