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Ben Kono

Enneagram #3 Performer / Achiever

Working Genius: Galvanizing

Selling your house is a high stakes undertaking. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!  


I lead My Smart Team - We’re a team of Realtors who make moving easy. 


Think of me as your coach. I’ll meet with you right at the start to establish a game plan that’s right for you so you don’t waste a cent or a second on unnecessary projects.  


Coaching you is what I’m passionate about! I want to see homeowners squeeze every dollar of equity out of their home, because you only get to sell your house once! 


Some recent clients had a very limited budget and time frame - they only had about 7 hours to spare to work on the house so we hyper-focused on the most high impact project, for them that was cleaning!  A clean house feels well maintained, even if it’s dated.  


After we listed their spotless home we had multiple offers, most of them above our asking price, all for the cost of a few hours of time and some cleaning supplies.  


So, why do I do what I do?  

I love seeing families succeed, whether your family is 1 person or 10!


My family has moved a lot!  6 times in the first 6 years of my marriage to be exact. Some of those moves felt like a win, some were really painful. They were all hard, even the most exciting ones.  


I know the headache of moving with little ones, I know the heartache of saying goodbye to friends, family, and let’s be honest - even your regular gas station and favorite coffee shop. 


You deserve to focus on your family during your move, you should be confident that you are doing the right things at the right time every step of the way.  


You deserve to work with My Smart Team! Contact us today!

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